Serving Rinks Around the Globe

The ICE RINK SUPPLY experience, comes with a complete MEP agenda of services, that includes planning, development, and consultation (before, during and after constructing of your ice rink) and MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) CAD Drawings. Ice Rink Supply will work directly with your architect and project manager to insure a successful, world class, ice rink project. Energy is the lifeblood of everything that happens in your ice rink; ice making refrigeration, lights, dehumidification, air conditioning, heating and communications. Energy… Your ice rink building will consume it, you can conserve it, but you cannot operate without it, so use it wisely. Task Ice Rink Supply to provide you with consultation, MEP (mechanical –electrical-plumbing) Design, and CAD Drawing to “custom build” your ice rink to your exact wishes and specifications. The IRS engineers are dedicated to designing your rink equipment system to utilize energy in the most efficient manner, while at the same time being sensitive to your project needs and budget considerations. We strive to create your rink refrigeration system, frost free system, heating, air conditioning, and dehumidification solutions within the environment dictated by your rink building’s design & needs. Although much of your ice rink system is never seen, it has a major impact on the building design, construction and operating costs. Our diverse experience gives us the insight to design and specify the MEP ice rink system that provides the greatest value over the life of the rink building. Our Rink Professionals are keenly aware of the overall impact that of our rink design has on your rink business success!